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Friday, August 13, 2010

Some words from "Justice Sociale" on Facebook

Here are few words that "Justice Sociale", a French member of Facebook, has posted on her page to  encourage people to register their support for the Campaign for a PES Primary. It just goes to illustrate how a campaign like this spreads through the internet gaining support and engaging peoples' passions as it passes from citizen to citizen. This is a new and powerful model for active citizenship and a re-affirmation of our profound commitment to democratic values and to liberty, equality and solidarity.

Justice Sociale writes: 

Justice belongs to us all ! Europe belongs to all citizens !

For us, Europe is a space for the rebirth of struggles for another society.

The achievement of peace will be the scope of this undertaking.

What is involved here is a qualitative change ! The Rebirth of the Global Struggle for a Democratic Europe !

Something is beginning to change !

Join us on : http://campaignforapesprimary.blogspot.com

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