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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Primaires européennes" : europa451.fr

Europa451.fr, a French-language website, has been analysing the Campaign for a PES Primary. Jean-Sebastien Lefebvre, a member of their editorial team, writes:
Les militants n'ont pas tort: il faut personnaliser la politique à l'échelle européen, faire transpirer le débat d'une sphère publique à une autre pour lui donner son élan et la rendre intéressante pour le citoyen. Et l'organisation d'une primaire dans les 27 est idéale pour ça. Petite remarque: cela ferait peut-être parler de l'Europe, hormis la semaine avant les élections...
Google translation to English reads:
The activists are right: you need to customize the policy to the European level , to sweat the debate in a public sphere to another to give momentum and make it interesting for the citizen . And the organization of a primary in 27 is ideal for this . Small note: it would perhaps speak of Europe, except the week before the elections ...

The rest of this interesting article can be read here.


  1. The italian version here: http://www.europa451.it/2/post/2010/08/-tempo-di-elezioni-primarie-tra-i-socialisti-europei.html

  2. That's excellent, Francesca. Thank you very much for the link. I saw the Italian-language article earlier this afternoon and am planning to post it as a main blog entry tomorrow for our Italian supporters.

    Regards ... Desmond.
    Campaign for a PES Primary