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Monday, August 9, 2010

Conor Slowey on "The European Citizen"

Conor Slowey maintains a blog called "The European Citizen". He has written a very interesting post today on the Campaign for a PES Primary and in particular addresses the issue of whether the EU should develop as a parliamentary form of democracy or a presidential system. Conor says,

These are great proposals, and I would strongly support a primary selection system that involves party members (though there should be some balance to prevent over-dominance by the bigger national parties). This involvement would encourage greater participation before the elections from members (promoting engagement from members who aren't usually interested in EU affairs. This would also help equip them better for the campaign); give a higher profile for the Europarty campaign and, if done well (which is always the qualifier), boost turnout; and force more serious policy competition at a European level, increasing the accountability and transparency of EU politics.

You can read the rest of this stimulating article at PES Primaries and a Parliamentary EU

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