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Thursday, September 30, 2010

nonfiction.fr comments on Campaign for a PES Primary

nonfiction.fr carried a further article on Wednesday on the progress of the Campaign for a PES Primary. In an article entitled, "Primaires européennes: début d'une mise sur agenda politique?" or "European Primary: beginning of a political agenda-setting?" nonfiction.fr commented:

Enfin, il semblerait que les langues se délient du côté des représentants politiques européens. Hier, des députés européens – respectivement du PS belge du SPD, et du Partidul Social Democrat roumain – commencent à sortir de l’ombre sur ce débat, affirmant leur enthousiasme pour adapter l’idée d’une primaire pour le scrutin européen.

English translation (errors are my own. Desmond O'Toole)

Finally, it appears that European politicians are beginning to speak about it [Campaign for a PES Primary]. Yesterday, MEPs from the Belgian Socialist Party SPD and the Romanian Social Democratic Party have begun to emerge from the shadows on this debate, expressing their enthusiasm for adapting the idea of primaries for the European elections.

The remainder of the article can be accessed here.

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